Why am I running
Because winter was quite cold this time around. I have enjoyed 
it through the warmth of my cozy room and my thick jacket. Come to think of it, I have
been cozy all my life. I have had access to healthy food, supportive family and a good
education. I am privileged. Unfortunately, many kids are not. I am running for these
kids. Any money that I raise will go to these unprivileged kids. This is a small effort
but if I can make their life even epsilon better than what it was before, it will be
worth it.
How can you help
You can support by helping me raise $100 for the unprivileged kids in various 
parts of India. The amount does not matter. Every penny counts. Any money you donate
goes directly to different projects that we support through Asha for Education. 
You can read more about these projects here 
About me
Adarsh, a fellow human being, currently at Purdue University. I don’t usually run
but 5K is what? only about 5.285 x 10^{-13} Lightyears. 
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100 USD Raised
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