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Asha is a non-profit voluntary organization, dedicated to promoting literacy among children, particularly the poor and underprivileged, in India. This pursuit is based on the conviction that an educated population is a critical prerequisite, and an effective catalyst, for social and economic progress. Asha was founded in 1991 in Berkeley, and has now grown to a strength of about 48 chapters in North America, 12 in India , and 6 in Europe and 1 inĀ Canada . Volunteers in each of these chapters take personal interest in identifying education-related projects in India, and supporting them through funds and other means.

Today, there are more than 1000 active volunteers and several supporters volunteering in these 67 Asha chapters worldwide. Asha Purdue Chapter alone has more than 30 volunteers actively involved in fund-raising activities, planning, and funding new educational projects in India. Perhaps, more important than these numbers is the personal leadership that the volunteers take in carrying out Asha’s activities. Involvement with Asha has produced an awareness about developmental issues in India and has inspired a whole range of volunteers to get involved in other social causes. There has also been an increased emphasis on the formation of more chapters in India (called Asha Centers) so as to draw upon the collective energy and experience of part and full-time volunteers in India and to build closer bonds with our projects. These Asha centers also serve to network like-minded individuals, in addition to pioneering bold new initiatives in the field of education. Thus, Asha, while making a difference in the lives of underprivileged children of India, is also preparing a group of people who are more socially aware and socially responsible in their lives.

To get involved in this cause and make a difference to people in both the local community and in India, please do volunteer. The amount of time you spend is entirely upto you.

Asha Purdue chapter actively collaborates with Indian Women Association
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