About me

I am a PhD student in Physics at Purdue. I study electron behavior at very low temperatures (mK) in the hope to work towards the effort for building a quantum computer. With that, one could easily tell how education has been a privilege leading to a PhD. I have learnt in my time in the US about animal abuse and changed my lifestyle to almost a no animal food product diet and trying to incorporate the same in making other lifestyle changes. Much of this comes because of my privileged position in the society, which was merely decided by where I was born.

Why I want to run the 5K

I want to run the 5K to help share and spread awareness about the plight of the less fortunate children in India who were born in families with less means. These children need our support to get basic education, make a good life for the next generation, and hopefully reduce the gap between the rich and the poor. Asha Purdue supports several projects in India, which range from helping differently abled children to providing career counselling workshops and innovative teaching methods to inculcate interest in science and math among some examples. Each of the projects that ASHA Purdue supports is making a big difference to lives of many kids in India.

I request you to help me raise my target of $350 dollars which will make a great difference to the lives of many who were not born as lucky as one of us reading this.

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