Tatvam – Tarang 2018

We are Tatvam- Purdue’s fusion rock band. Our sound has contrasting influences from Indian Classical, Bollywood and western pop-rock genres, reflecting a unique genre of music which continues to evolve. From pulsating grooves to soft-soothing melodies, we do it all. You can know more about us here. (Purdue Tatvam)

Tatvam has performed in over 40 shows in our 4 year history. Several of these performances have been for ASHA- a global not-for-profit group working for the educational upliftment of children in need. In tandem with our own evolution, we have witnessed ASHA Purdue grow into a systematic mission-oriented organization that regularly outperforms expectations that puts up a better show each season. Further, we have benefitted from their professional approach to everything they do. It has been fascinating to see a purpose-driven organization working diligently toward a noble cause and satisfying to know that Tatvam has been able to contribute, albeit in a small way.

Today, at  Tarang 2018, we are reaching out to Tatvam’s permanent friends as well as those who may be just getting to know us now, to help crowd-fund a modest and achievable donation target. We request you to consider making a small donation by clicking on the “Donate Now” link in the hope and belief that by individually making a small monetary contribution here, we will collectively bring a substantial positive difference to a needy child’s life.



Fall 2018


300 USD Target
15 USD Raised
2 Supporters
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