Satadru Roy
I am a Post Doctorate at Purdue. I have been a boilermaker since 2009. I am also a passionate cricketer. My first association with Asha was through cricket club, as on few occasions Purdue Cricket Club has volunteered for Asha. My wife is also an active Asha volunteer.

┬áMy father was a philanthropist. He started helping people at a very young age, and his reputation grew as a philanthropist as he grew old. Out of deep trust that the people of my locality had developed for my father, they elected him as the local councillor for three consecutive terms until he decided not to contest any more. I have seen my father putting tremendous effort to bring changes in our locality and uplift the living standard. And it was never easy, there were hurdles, but he always fought with the odds to do the right thing. He passed away two year ago but he is still in the heart of the people whose lives he touched through his efforts. My heart swells with pride when people back in my home still greet me on the street as his son. My father is my inspiration. Asha 5k is the first step I’m taking to follow his philosophy of giving back to the society.
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