I came to know about ‘Asha for Education’ during my undergrad years at IIT Kanpur, India. I was a volunteer at “Prayas“, a students initiative where we used to teach not-so- privileged children living in the vicinity of our college campus. While working there, I got to know about a couple of Asha projects working towards education of migrant workers’ children. I was deeply influenced by how these efforts were bringing change to the lives of these children.

When I came to Purdue I got to know about the Asha chapter at Purdue which is involved in supporting educational projects for less privileged children in India. I am glad to have this opportunity to be at the other end and help Asha – Purdue Chapter in this fundraising event. I am personally involved with Asha -Purdue and I assure you that every penny you donate will directly go towards education of not-so- privileged children in India, and other relevant social causes. To give an example, our project Nari Gunjan: Aavishkaar focuses on empowering women of an extremely backward community through education.

You can support the cause by helping me raise funds for our projects. Every penny counts. Do you know, $20 is sufficient to support one child’s education in India for a month!

A simple effort can fill colors in many lives.

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